Bird mite infestation in Atlantic City

This is an article from the Press of Atlantic City, about a young woman who had a bird mite infestation after birds nested near her air conditioning unit: Chickadees nested in a protected area adjacent to her air conditioner outside the window of her Brigantine apartment. It was pretty cool getting a close-up view of […]

More pyemotes mites (itch mites) warnings

Hamilton County, Ohio has recently warned residents about suspected Pyemotes herfsi (itch mites) cases in the area. Now, another suspected outbreak of itch mites: according to 1490 WBEX, the Ross County Health District is also warning residents of Chillicothe and Ross County of the possible presence of pyemotes. Although not dangerous, bites from the itch […]

Hamilton County Health Pyemotes itch mites warning

According to Cincinnati’s NBC affiliate, the Hamilton County Public Health Department (in Ohio) is now warning residents of a suspected outbreak of Pyemotes mites in the area.  The source of the itchy bites is yet to be positively identified. Last year there was an outbreak of Pyemotes mites (also known as “Oak leaf gall […]

Nursing home scabies outbreak in Erie, PA

The Erie Times-News reports on another nursing home scabies outbreak. Tiny parasites forced one of Erie County’s largest nursing homes to repeatedly disinfect its Alzheimer’s unit and treat many of its residents. Fifteen residents of the Gallagher Center of Saint Mary’s Home East developed what physicians believe was scabies, a contagious skin infection caused by […]

A case of Norwegian scabies or crusted scabies

This article by Sandra G. Boodman (accessible from describes the unusual case of a doctor (an infectious disease specialist, no less) who had trouble getting his Norwegian scabies diagnosed by doctors.  And yet the fourth dermatologist, Howard Luber, had no trouble identifying the problem. Norwegian scabies, or crusted scabies: The diagnosis was so obvious, […]