Pet gerbils source of avian mite infestation

Does your family have pet gerbils? If so, they are a possible source of your itchy skin condition, according to this 2001 article in the Archives of Dermatology. Avian Mite Bites Acquired From a New Source Pet Gerbils Report of 2 Cases and Review of the Literature Anne W. Lucky, MD; C. Paul Sayers, MD; […]

Could Pyemotes mites be making you itch?

In summer 2007, an outbreak of what were called “itch mites” broke out in Chicago. As of September, scientists were trying to determine which species of Pyemotes mites caused the outbreak. Pyemotes mites are traditionally associated with galls on oak trees. Interestingly, the article suggests that was not the case here: Because it has been […]

Biting Mites: what’s biting you?

This website exists to help people find out if they have a problem with biting mites. Remember, skin reactions may be caused by plenty of things besides biting mites or bites from another insect. The site is still under development, but for now, look at the useful biting mites resources page to get you started. […]