More pyemotes mites (itch mites) warnings

Hamilton County, Ohio has recently warned residents about suspected Pyemotes herfsi (itch mites) cases in the area.

Now, another suspected outbreak of itch mites: according to 1490 WBEX, the Ross County Health District is also warning residents of Chillicothe and Ross County of the possible presence of pyemotes.

Although not dangerous, bites from the itch mites can cause individual sores and even a rash.

Outbreaks have occurred in Kansas and Nebraska, along with one just last year in Chicago.  In Cincinnati and Hamilton County a number of “possible” cases have been reported in recent days. Locally, the health district has received a few calls from residents with questions concerning bites and rashes.

“We can’t be certain that it is the itch mites, but it’s certainly possible,” said Rami Yoakum, director of communications at the health district. “The bites are not dangerous, but they do itch and if they are scratched they can become infected.”

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