This site exists to help you learn more about bird mites, rat mites, chicken mites, scabies, pyemotes mites (also known as straw itch mites / itch mites) and related conditions.  We want you to have good, sane, researched information, from sound, trustworthy sources like the university entomology and medical communities, and we aim to collect that and present it in an accessible format.

Disclaimer: The site creator is not an entomologist, a pest management professional, or a manufacturer or distributor of products. Please use this site as a starting point for your research about biting mites and how to deal with them. The site owner is not responsible for the consequences of your use of the site or information contained in it. The site owner does not endorse any advice or suggestions left by other readers of the site, and we are not liable for the consequences of following that advice.

If you are being bitten by a mite, see your doctor immediately to rule out scabies, body lice, and medical conditions that might seem like insect bites.  If you think your home is infested, call a Pest Management Professional (a.k.a. an exterminator) right away.  You can’t get rid of this on your own, and you don’t need to.

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