Bird mite infestation in Atlantic City

This is an article from the Press of Atlantic City, about a young woman who had a bird mite infestation after birds nested near her air conditioning unit: Chickadees nested in a protected area adjacent to her air conditioner outside the window of her Brigantine apartment. It was pretty cool getting a close-up view of […]

Hamilton County Health Pyemotes itch mites warning

According to Cincinnati’s NBC affiliate, the Hamilton County Public Health Department (in Ohio) is now warning residents of a suspected outbreak of Pyemotes mites in the area.  The source of the itchy bites is yet to be positively identified. Last year there was an outbreak of Pyemotes mites (also known as “Oak leaf gall […]

Tiny biting mites may have killed off dinosaurs

This isn’t really about what’s biting you, but a new theory suggests biting mites may have led to the extinction of dinosaurs. CORVALLIS, Ore., Jan. 3 (UPI) — A U.S. zoologist says dinosaurs may have been killed off by tiny, biting, disease-carrying insects. If true, it represents one of many causes, not the sole reason […]

Biting Mites: what’s biting you?

This website exists to help people find out if they have a problem with biting mites. Remember, skin reactions may be caused by plenty of things besides biting mites or bites from another insect. The site is still under development, but for now, look at the useful biting mites resources page to get you started. […]